Slot Overview: Hot Chilliways

If slot machines are any indication, Latin America must be a fantastic time. It’s easy to have the impression that every day is a holiday in the virtual world, where the weather is always pleasant, the cuisine is always spicy, and the colors are always vivid. Hot Chilliways is a video slot game developed by Stakelogic and Hurricane Games. Its accuracy to reality is debatable, but it does capture many of the game’s selling elements.

The reputation of Hot Chilliways is undeniably positive. The daytime setting of the base game is reminiscent of Pragmatic Play’s Chilli Heat Megaways, while the game’s mechanics are clearly inspired (to put it nicely) by Big Time Gaming’s super smash hit Extra Chilli Megaways. To wit: bright skies, colorful decorations, charming homes, barrels, bundles of chilies. During the bonus round, players will be transported to a desert landscape complete with a wagon, cacti, and a full moon. There is no explanation for the sudden change in setting, yet it is simple enough to accept. The music in both cases is upbeat, featuring largely Mariachi-style tunes.

Hot Chilliways is a medium-to-high volatility slot machine with one of the highest win frequencies of any Stakelogic game. Although it is not specified if the RTP increases when purchasing more spins or activating the Super Stake, it is safe to assume that it remains at the maximum default value of 96.18%. When the Super Stake is activated, regular bets increase from 20 p/c to £/€10, or twice the amount, to add additional scatter symbols to the reels and increase the chances of winning free spins.

The game is played on a variable 6-reel and provides players with 3 rows and 729 possible paylines at the outset. There are 11 standard symbols with payouts that occur on successive reels from the far left. Tomatoes, maize, cactus, sombreros, and skulls are the premiums, while 9-A card ranks make up the bottom end. When you have a winning combination of six symbols, the low payout is between 0.70 and 0.90 times your bet, while the high payout is between 1 and 10 times your bet. The cascade function clears the board of wins, making room for new symbols to fall into the empty cells below. As long as there are other wins, the cascade will continue.

Slot Machines with Hot Chilliways

In addition to the standard pay symbols, there are also several auxiliary symbols like the Wild Red Chilli, Wild Green Chilli, and scatter symbols.

Pepper, Red, Wild

When the Wild Red Chilli sign appears, the lowermost three symbols on the reel disappear, and two more are inserted above them, for a total of six. That’s seven icons on each reel, giving you more chances to win. Wild Red Chill serves as a wild, replacing all other symbols (excluding scatters) when the reels have extended. In addition, the Wild Red Chilli doubles the general win multiplier for the current spin in the base game. In the following game round, the reels will be reset.

Chili Verde Savage

When it lands, the Wild Green Chilli increases the number of ways, but only by one, and its reel displays six symbols instead of seven. The Wild Green Chipotle emblem, along with the other two reel icons, has been cut in half. The Wild Green Chilli now substitutes for other symbols when the reels are reset. For the following round, the reel will be adjusted at a height of three symbols.

No Risk Turns

When 3+ scatters appear, players receive 12 free games; 4+ scatters provide 16; and 6+ scatters award 24 free spins. The free spins you’ve won can be gambled before they begin, giving you a chance to increase your reward. A wheel with red and green segments rotates when you bet. Free spins can be increased by up to 30 if a risk pays off, or reduced to 0 if it doesn’t.

When triggered during free games, the Wild Red Chilli symbol can increase the current spin’s multiplier by a factor of 2x to 100x. The multiplier will be reset on the next spin. During the free spins bonus round, the scatter symbols stick around to increase the chance of triggering further free games. Finally, if allowed in your region, players can opt to purchase free spins instead of waiting for them to be awarded randomly. This comes at a price of 100 times the initial wager.

Chilly Conclusions: Slots

Hot Chilliways is a fiery online slot game that lives up to its name. The concept and the characteristics are harmoniously combined. Instead, Stakelogic has brought them together to create a lively environment in which to take pleasure in the game, while Hot Chilliways provides the products to set taste buds on fire.

That’s because the Wild Red and Green Chillies tend to show up on the rightmost reels, where they can dodge most of the action—at least when they want to. Not necessarily; I’m just saying. This is to be expected, as a normal spin might be amplified by the presence of extra chances to win, the wild feature, and possible multipliers. Hot Chilliways’ use of split/added symbols and extra ways is reminiscent to Nolimit City’s x-features, although it’s not quite as mind-blowingly insane. Compared to NLC’s efforts, this one is calmer, simpler, and easier to understand. Simply comparing the mechanisms does not imply that the firms compete with one another on the same playing field.

There are some surprises in store for you when you visit Hot Chilliways. It can, in theory, increase the number of possible paths from 729 to as high as 117,649 if enough Wild Red Chillies are unleashed. Adding a bunch of win multipliers to that situation in your head while you think about it may provide some spectacular outcomes. Even if the maximum win chance can be of interest, the maximum payoff in Hot Chilliways is 30,000 times the wager. Just curious because, despite several lucky guesses and additional free spins, Hot Chilliways didn’t get too spicy throughout our testing.

In conclusion, Hot Chilliways isn’t going to cause a revolution, and it can’t compare to Extra Chilli Megaways, but if you enjoy Latin American-themed slot machines or spicy foods, you’ll enjoy Hot Chilliways.






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